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Delta 8 Legal Status By State

Michigan Governor Signs Delta 8 Regulation Bill

On July 13, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, D, signed a series of bills including a bill to regulate the production and sale of hemp-derived...

Colorado Bans Delta 8 Derived from Hemp

Colorado bans delta 8 from hemp extracts, stating that the THC isomers cannot be sold if they come from hemp. On Friday, the Colorado health...

Recent Hemp Regulations Banned Delta 8 and 10 In New York

New York banned delta 8 and delta 10 under the new hemp industry regulations released on May 19. New York’s Department of Health (DOH), which...

Governor Doug Burgum Signs Bill to Ban Delta 8 in North Dakota

Monday  saw another huge blow to the hemp industry in North Dakota. Governor Doug Burgum (R) signed HB 1045. It's an emergency order to...

Is Delta 8 Legal in the US?

There are two major questions asked when it comes to Delta 8. What is it? And is it legal? Let’s find the answers together,...

Delta 8 and Wyoming State Law

The first question usually asked is what is Delta 8? It’s a psychoactive cannabinoid similar to Delta 9, the main cannabinoid found in marijuana...

Delta 8 and Wisconsin State Law

There are still some strict laws around Marijuana, and it’s main psychoactive cannabinoid, Delta 9. It’s still a Schedule I drug, and many states...

Delta 8 and West Virginia State Law

Delta 8 is an up and coming cannabinoid in popularity amongst the general public. It’s a cannabinoid similar to Delta 9, which is the...

Delta 8 and Washington State Law

Cannabinoids have been gaining a lot of attention lately. One in particular is Delta 8. And this is thanks to the USDA’s new law...

Delta 8 and Virginia State Law

What is Delta 8? This is a psychoactive cannabinoid that is less potent and more controllable than Delta 9, which is the main cannabinoid...