COVID vs CBD: Help From an Unexpected Source


With the different COVID-19 vaccines out and available, there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel that is the pandemic. In fact, it appears that there is something else that will help in the fight against COVID-19: CBD. In fact, in the conflict of COVID vs CBD, the cannabinoid actually helps to treat one of the worst symptoms caused by the disease: lung damage.


To be clear: CBD alone is NOT going to cure COVID. However, CBD has been shown to help treat the symptoms, which will make the healing process more bearable. 

Helping the Lungs

CBD has been shown to be a big help in reducing what is called a “cytokine storm” caused by COVID. For clarification, a cytokine storm is when there is an extreme case of an inflammation response from the immune system. While this typically helps to defend against disease, it usually comes as a result of the organ in which it is occurring to cease working properly. This damage comes from the overproduction of cytokines, which results in positive feedback to other immune cells. This, in turn, results in more immune cells rushing to the site of the injury. This causes more damage to the organ.

The theory on how this cannabinoid helps is that CBD causes an increase in the levels of apelines. Apelines are naturally occurring peptides that reduce inflammation. These peptides are dramatically reduced when hit by the “storm,” so their renewal is a big help. By reducing the inflammation, CBD helps the body to start treating the damage inflicted upon the organ.

Help Available

As the world slowly gets back to “normal,” we still have to deal with the dreaded COVID-19. However, with researchers examining the different aspects of cannabis, we are slowly finding new ways to combat it. Thanks to CBD’s treating the lung damage, one of the most dangerous symptoms of the disease has begun to be healed. While people continue to research cannabis and its benefits, we will hopefully see that there is even more that it has to offer.

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