Examining the Possibility of CBD Treating Alzheimer’s


CBD has begun to make its way into the treatment of dementia and other forms of cognitive decline. After performing a study focused on dosing mice with CBD, researchers at Augusta University found something interesting: CBD could reinforce proteins that fight these ailments. As such, CBD treating Alzheimer’s could be a real possibility. Another study, presented at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting, was also performed to see if THC had an effect as well. It was found that THC positively affected those suffering from Alzheimer’s as well.


Researchers conducting the study used mice as subjects for a two-week regimen of CBD. They injected high doses of CBD into the mice’s stomachs every other day for the two weeks. The researchers then examined the brains of the mice to see if there was an effect from the CBD. 

The second study involved examining the long lasting effect of THC on mice. These mice received a synthetic form of THC for six weeks. Once the time had elapsed, the researchers tested the memory of the subjects.


After this time allotment, researchers of the first study found that CBD increased amounts of the proteins TREM2 and IL-33. The research explains that these two proteins are critical to combating the increase of beta-amyloid plaque in the subjects’ brains. This plaque is one of the potential causes of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Similarly, the researchers of the second study found that the Alzheimer’s-afflicted mice used as subjects frequently passed memory tests. In fact, the mice’s success rate was considered comparable to the mice without Alzheimer’s. Additionally, the mice lacked the loss of neurons and even had a 20 percent decrease in the buildup of the same plaque that the previous study examined.

What these studies show is that while CBD and THC offered ways to combat the mental ailments, they did not cure them completely. The proteins the cannabinoids help to revive can combat the onset of Alzheimers’, delay it or even lessen the symptoms. However, there is no evidence at this time to show that the cannabinoids can cure it or completely prevent its onset.


What these studies bring to light is that CBD and THC can’t be the cure-all that some hope it is. However, CBD and THC can help to off-set the effects of these mental ailments if not stall their onset.

With any luck, as people examine these cannabinoids more, people will accept the idea of THC and CBD treating Alzheimer’s more as well as for other ailments. Should that occur, perhaps more people will find relief from more serious ailments.

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